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Near Moab Orange Alabaster
Artist Statement

      I engage in an intuitive and spontaneous approach to sculptural creation, where my decision-making process is dedicated to crafting captivating and aesthetically refined sculptures. My intent is to showcase the innate beauty of the stones I manipulate, allowing their natural characteristics to guide the delineation of shape and form. Through deliberate manipulation, I strive to instill a sense of movement and illusion, harmonizing disparate elements into a unified whole.

     Each sculpture stands as a distinctive entity, mirroring the singular essence of the stone from which it originates. The creative process unfolds as a profound connection is forged with the material. Time invested in the meticulous crafting of each piece fosters a nuanced relationship with the stone, a dynamic interplay involving negotiation, expression of thoughts, and an exchange of emotions. This intricate connection is palpable in every creation, with each piece conveying a unique narrative, thereby enriching the overall tapestry of my artistic endeavors.

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